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"A Grown Woman's Spa Vacation Goes Horribly Wrong"

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Full length movie 69 minutes playing time
Featuring Lillian and Scarlett

Lillian arrives at her holiday destination, the "Absolute Escape Spa". She sits on the bed in her room, takes out the booking printout and reads about her stay..
Need an escape from the real world? All your needs will be totally cared for. You will not have to lift a finger or worry about anything. Everything will be done for you during you stay.
"There is no internet or phone reception to interrupt the blissful time you will have with us. The lady we have chosen for you is Scarlett and she is very loving caring and be close with you the entire time."
Lillian reads "Your new life will start first thing the morning after you arrive". Excited she puts on her pyjamas and goes to bed and nods off.

But next morning Lillian wakes but she is in a cot. In an adult sized nursery. WTF?
Scarlett enters the room "Oh you are awake my little baby. How did you sleep". Lillian says she did not expect this so Scarlett reads from the printout about being totally cared for etc. "See, it is all here. It is explained perfectly"
Scarlett explains how she is going to be totally taken care of just like a baby is.
She helps her out of the cot and puts a pacifier in her mouth. Then she insists on putting a diaper on her guest and dressing her in a cute babyish matching top and diaper cover.
Lillian protests but Scarlett, who now says she is Lillian's mommy, explains it is a necessary part of the amazing service and she will see why later

First up it is "breakfast" time. Lillian was expecting a comprehensive buffet but Scarlett insisted on breast feeding her.
Lillian protests but finally gives in and sucks from Scarlett's nipples. Once she has drained both breasts Scarlett places her in a playpen and says she has to leave Lillian on her own for a short while. Lillian retorts that is no problem, she will climb over the playpen and get out of this weird place.

Scarlett just smiles and points a remote at the playpen which activates an electric field. Lillian needs the bathroom badly but when she touches the playpen she get a nasty shock and pulls her hand back quickly. She is not going anywhere.
She promptly pees into her diaper. After all, what else could she do?
Scarlett returns, de activates and removes the playpen to change Lillian's soaked diapee.

Then is is lunch time so Scarlett lifts Lillian into a high chair to feed her mushy baby food. Lillian is not impressed. She was expecting gourmet meals.
Once Scarlett has wiped Lillian's face and fingers clean it is play time and Scarlett has some fun slimy goo to play with.

Then it is time for an afternoon nap. Lillian protests but Scarlett reminds her this is exactly what is in the brochure "All your needs will be totally cared for. You will not have to lift a finger or worry about anything"
A little kiss on the forehead and Scarlett leaves the nursery. What she has not told Lillian yet is she never be going home and will be staying at this special spa permanently because Scarlett is her mommy now.

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